Q&A: James Cook

James Cook, the Wichita Falls, Texas native, said when he was younger he was anxious to leave his hometown. It made him bored and claustrophobic. Cook, now a family man, admits that some of that reckless emotion inspired this latest record. “Tall Tales of a Brown Buffalo” gives listeners a peek into his life.

Q: Your latest single is titled “Foaming at the Mouth.” I’m intrigued. How did you come up with it?
A: The story behind “Foaming at the Mouth” is about a man who is desperate to get out of his hometown. He is drooling to see what else is out there. It is also about a woman who is sick of her significant other going out every night, acting a fool. She wants him home and engaged in their life together. This was me in my twenties. I have straightened up. I am married. I have kids. I am thankful for this career. As far as the title, I just picked a line in the song and went with it.
Q: “Tall Tales of a Brown Buffalo” is the full album coming out on Nov. 9. Do you have a favorite track?
A: I have no idea what my favorite track would be. Everytime we work on a song, it becomes my favorite. I am proud of this record. This time around, fans need to brace themselves for something different. Be prepared. It doesn’t sound anything like the first album. I don’t like to get into territories that I have been in before. Life can get stale, especially if we are doing the same damn thing every time.
Q: Your fans say your music has them reaching for the replay button again and again…
A: Awesome! The full record “Tall Tales of a Brown Buffalo” is being released on my birthday, as we mentioned before, Nov. 9. I hope the fans love it as much as I do. It is kind of a gift to them and a gift to me. As for what is next, I am constantly working with producer Bart Rose and Fort Worth Sound. It is such a great team.


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