Sell Your Music

Unlimited uploads to hundreds of sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and more.

No setup costs. Keep 90%.

Music Distribution for Artists and Labels

Unlimited uploads to hundreds of DSPs worldwide

Get your emails answered in a timely manner

Sell Ringtones on mobile devices

Access monthly payments, reporting, and streaming analytics

Video delivery to Apple, Tidal, VEVO, Facebook, etc. for a fee

Sell your CDs or LPs in record stores

Label Reps to help guide you on your release

SoundExchange collections

Pre-Save and Pre-Add links for promotional use

Playlist pitching and marketing by our expert, in-house team

Marketing Campaign Consultation

YouTube/Facebook Content ID

Access to powerful marketing tools and platforms

Creative Design Services

Publishing Administration

You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

What Is is a service for Artists and Labels that puts your music and videos into online stores & streaming services. Then when people listen to your music or watch your videos, we send you money.

Why Should I Use

All your music and videos should be in stores. is the only service that lets you upload unlimited music to stores for no upfront costs. Other services make you pay every time you upload something—that’s way less fun (and way more expensive).

Also, gets your music into stores in a fraction of the time it takes our competitors to get your music into stores. We have great customer service, daily stats, loads of features, and a simple interface, too.

Who uses is for musicians, bands, DJs, performers, producers, labels, distributors, and YouTube creators who create content at home or in the studio.

How much will it cost me?

ZERO setup fees, upload unlimited songs, albums, and videos. You keep 90%!

What Would You Like To Do?

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