Q&A: Curtis Grimes

Curtis Grimes grew up singing along to George Strait and Alan Jackson but never imagined he would make a career of music. In fact, Grimes wanted to be a professional baseball player. In 2011, Grimes appeared on NBC’s The Voice and made it into the top ten under coach Ceelo Green. From there, Grimes hit the road and began performing his songs across the country. He was honored with the “New Male Vocalist of the Year” at The Annual Texas Regional Radio Award Show in 2014. His latest album is titled ‘Faith Based Country Vol. 1’.

Q: In the past, you wrote songs about, you know, partying and alcohol. What inspired you to make a gospel record?
A: When I entered the Texas country music scene, I started drinking to keep up with the crowd. I am an introvert so the booze helped me relax on stage. Liquid courage. After six or seven years in the business, I wanted to come back to my roots. My family is Baptist and we went to church each Sunday. It became clear that I needed to use this platform that I am blessed with to spread God’s word. I am giving 100% of the album sales to help distribute bibles.
Q: You mentioned on social media that ‘Jesus Loves Me’ is your favorite song on this release…
A: It is. First, let me say that all eight tracks on this album are cover songs. I wanted to make this record about the message and not about me. The lyrics in ‘Jesus Loves Me’ are comforting and meaningful. I sing it to my baby girl each night before she goes to bed. I think most folks can relate to it. Hopefully, they will sing or hum along with me when they listen to it.
Q: Should fans expect a ‘Faith Based Country Vol. 2’?
A: Never say never. Right now, I hope ‘Faith Based Country Vol. 1’ catches on with fans. My goal isn’t to make money off this album. This adventure was more than just putting out a record, hoping it sells and getting radio play. It came from where my heart is. I mentioned before that I have a daughter. The next one might be a children’s album. I might do songs for the kids. We will see.


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