A Little About Us...

Smith Music GroupSmith Entertainment, Rick Smith Publishing, and SmithMusic.com are various companies offering worldwide physical and digital distribution, Publishing Admin, Record Label Services, and more. For 20 years, Smith Music has helped artists and labels of all genres advance their careers, enhance revenue and increase exposure.

Founded by Rick Smith, Sr. in 1998, Smith Music Group recorded the inaugural Live at Billy Bob’s Texas album with Texas’ own Pat Green. The Series has added legends like Willie Nelson, Gary Stewart, John Conlee, and many more country and rock favorites. Offering concerts on CD, DVD, and Vinyl, the series has amassed millions of album sales, downloads, and streams while including more than 50 artists.

Alongside the launch of iTunes, Smith Music Group acquired a DIRECT partnership with Apple to distribute the Live at Billy Bob’s Texas series. By 2004, the music industry was pivoting, and Smith Entertainment was created to offer label services and distribution to non-Live at Billy Bob’s Texas recording artists and an answer for independent artists. As more streaming and download services became available, Smith Music built a direct relationship with each.

Changing with the times, Smith Music began to focus primarily on distribution and partnered with other companies like Merlin and A2IM to represent the independent sector. 

To usher in the new era of music distribution, Smith Music has partnered with AudioSalad to power our delivery and catalog management platform known as the Smith Music portal. Curve Royalty Systems designs royalty reports and analytics to provide transparent and easy-to-read statements. As Preferred Partner Providers with both Spotify and Apple, SmithMusic.com currently focuses on sharing the knowledge of our years in the industry and helping our Clients succeed.