Texas Tailgate: Landon Heights “Me and The Bottle”

Inspired by a search for family ties to a country legend helped Landon Heights finish his latest single” My aunts did an ancestry thing that they’re still working on to this day. My mother’s maiden name is “Whitley ‘’ with the “ey”. Maybe there is a chance. I just thought that was really cool.” 

The digging into Landon’s genealogy helped break an impasse in his writing. “I was already working on a little heartbreak tune,” Landon shared with us. “Trying to put together my first country waltz. I wanted to make it a challenge if I can to grow as a songwriter. It started with the heartbreak theme. Man, wouldn’t it be cool if this heartbreaker was listening to Keith Whitley music and trying to get over his pain. That would hit because you’re listening to legend that’s been there.”

The love for the artist taken too soon runs deep. “Keith Whitley runs in the family. My Dad was playing in country bands during the eighties before I was born. One of his favorite memories during that time is playing [Billy Bob’s Texas] battle of the bands around ‘85. It just ran in the family listening to bands like Shenandoah and stuff from the 90’s, but Keith Whitley was always on. For Landon, its a testament to Whitley’s lasting appeal. “This is for what his music did for folks in situations like that. Going through heart breaks and tough times. Songs like I’m Over You and You Say Nothing At All. In the past, that’s how I’ve gotten through the pain myself.” TT

Me and the Bottle is now available.


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