Texas Tailgate: Dusty Moats “Lakin’ It Easy”

Dusty Moats has spent the last few years rocking out Eagle Mountain Lake and taking inspiration for his latest single from the local color that haunt the waters. 

“We’ve been doing a Sunday show called Lakin’ It Easy Acoustic Series,” he explains. “I always thought that would be a great name for a song. Lakin’ It Easy has a vibe. Looking around at the people living the lake life, it just made me laugh at how these characters would make a great song. The season culminates into this big celebration every August called the Damn Tie Up. It’s one of the biggest parties. The whole year they’re relaxing, doing their thing. There isn’t a whole bunch of craziness, but they do party. They’re fun, good people from all walks of life. Seeing them inspired the song, which I brought to Brad [Russell]. He started laughing and we wrote it on a video call.” 

How well can a song be made over video chat? “The pandemic changed things,” Dusty elaborates. “You can write from your own house. You don’t have to be together, but you can write with someone. They can be in Nashville or somewhere overseas. We sat down on Facetime and got the gist of the song. Passed it back and forth for about a week. We had some cool ideas but were stuck. I was cruising around and all of sudden the song’s bridge came to me. The song says tomorrow will be dejavu. They’re doing it all over again.” 

When it came time to lay down the tracks, the recording process came as easy as the writing. “Those guys at Rosewood Studios are so in tune with what you want. They let it build itself. The first verse is kind of soft, but the further and drunker, you get they end up in party mode. The song gets bigger and bigger as it goes on. It’s a party on the lake song that crosses a lot of boundaries. It’s just something everyone can identify with. It feels good.”

Lakin’ It Easy is available now. TT


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