Exclusive Releases


What Is It?

  • Texas Independents Day is an event to showcase the Independent Artists and Record Stores of the Lone Star State.

When Is It?

  • Texas Independents Day will be held on TBA, 2023, the weekend after Texas Independence Day.

Where is It?

  • Your local record store! Ask your local record store about our releases. If they aren’t participating, encourage them to do so!

How Can My Store Participate?

  • Stores can participate by sending an email to A representative from Smith Music will reach out on how your shop can be an official Texas Independents Day location.

How Can I As An Artist Participate?

  • Independent artists and labels who own their content can go to our online form and apply. Click here.

Anchor Store

Our anchor store for 2023 will be Record Town in Fort Worth, TX. Since 1957, Record Town has been a music Mecca for vinyl in the Panther City. Opened by Sumter Bruton II and his wife Kathleen, the store provided a place for hard to find music and musical education. The Bruton’s sons, Sumter III and Stephen, became well regarded musicians playing in a number of well known acts. 

Recently, Record Town restored and remastered a “lost” live album from Fort Worth blues artist Robert Ealey, produced by a young Stephen Bruton and T-Bone Burnett. “Live at the New Blue Bird Niteclub” by Robert Ealey and His Five Careless lovers had been carefully preserved by Sumter III. This album was the catalyst for the creation of Texas Independents Day.

Up to and on Texas Independents Day, we will be giving you updates on exclusive titles from Record Town. You can learn more about Record Town by visiting their website: