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Kody West the talented singer-songwriter with deep Texas roots, captured his Live at Billy Bob’s Texas album on June 2nd at Billy Bob’s Texas, the world’s largest honky-tonk. This highly anticipated event showcases Kody’s signature blend of Country and modern Rock, as well as his appreciation for his home state’s rich musical heritage.

Born and raised in Denton, Texas, Kody West grew up surrounded by the sounds of classic Texas music and the proud traditions of the Lone Star State. He began writing his own songs at a young age and quickly gained a following for his heartfelt lyrics, unique vocals, and dynamic live performances.

With three albums under his belt and a dedicated fan base across the country, Kody is poised to make his mark on the national stage.

Live at Billy Bob’s Texas is a legendary music series that has captured the raw energy and authentic sound of some of the biggest names in country music for over 20 ears. From Willie Nelson and David Allan Coe to Randy Rogers Band and Stoney LaRue, the series has featured some of the most iconic performers, making it a must-visit destination for music lovers around the world. Kody West is thrilled to be joining the ranks of these celebrated artists by adding his own unique voice to the Live at Billy Bob’s Texas legacy.

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