Texas Tailgate: Jacob Armitage “Your Hometown”

It’s rare you’re struck with divine inspiration on a song, but Jacob Armitage’s newest single just might be that unicorn. “The melody popped in my head before anything,” he says. “I matched the chords to what I was hearing in my head and started humming along to it. The words came naturally. I had this melody and these words that named off all these places. I noticed they were forming a story that’s as old as time. Guy loses girl. Guy takes off to find her and win her back. It was an organically built song.”

Jacob wanted to strike while the fire was hot and jumped into the studio to get the song out of him. “This is a pretty recent creation. I was reaching a point in time when I knew I needed something new recorded. It wasn’t very long afterward that this song presented itself. Once it was done, it was a no-brainer that it was the next single.” 

To commit the tune to tape, Jacob had only one recording studio in mind. “Got to give Rosewood Studios out in Tyler, TX the credit. I’ve been working with them for over three years now. We’ve gotten to know each other well over that time. I understand what they expect from me and they’ve got a good idea how I want things to sound. And they offer so many ideas. I sent it to them to get their thoughts and after getting into the studio, we worked it out. I only asked for a little more drive on the guitar. We added some magic to the guitar and I knew that was it. I didn’t want to touch it anymore. They got it.”

The break neck speed of the song’s evolution has taken Jacob by surprise. “I started playing it live not long after getting it finished. Before I even considered recording it. The response I was getting at the live shows was a big factor in deciding to record it as a single. Any type of audience, any type of bar, we were getting a positive reaction. Once we got it down tight as a band, it became a staple of our live show.”

Your Hometown is available now. TT


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