Can I Change a Release Once It’s Uploaded?

Yes! You can make edits by visiting your album page, making your changes and when you are done, click “Request Update”, “Metadata Update” and then “Save”.

Certain other things such as audio files, track listing, genre, language, Album Extras, and ISRCs cannot be changed via metadata update. To change them, you will need to delete and re-upload a corrected version. Here’s how to take down your release(s) from stores.

Note: Stores do not allow an Artist Name to be changed once it has been delivered. You can use your new Artist Name for future releases, but stores require the Artist Name to remain the same on past/existing releases.

Stores also do not allow you to upload, delete, and re-upload with different metadata (artist name, titles, etc.), and they are cracking down on this issue. Even if you have deleted a previous version and tried to re-upload with corrections, stores will not allow multiple uploads with conflicting metadata.

If you need to remove your release from certain stores, remove it from specific countries, or specify an artist as a remixer, drop us a line and we can assist.