Zac Stokes

Zac Stokes comes from a family of musicians. He began picking the guitar at the age of five. Stokes is inspired by artists like Waylon Jennings, Chris Stapleton and his father. His latest album, ‘Reckless’ was produced by Bart Rose. It was recorded at Fort Worth Sound. Stokes and his band are currently on the road, playing shows across Texas and making a name for themselves in the country music scene.

Q: Why did you choose ‘Reckless’ as the title track?

A: The single ‘Reckless’ is personal for me. It is about getting out of a toxic relationship. I was thinking about settling down and she was into that single lifestyle. I didn’t want to stick around and get hurt. The whole album isn’t just about my experiences with love, though. People are reckless in a lot of ways. With their choices, money, etc.

Q: Is it your favorite song on the album?

A: No. I would have to say ‘Diana’ is my favorite. Diana is a pseudonym. She can be anybody or anything. It is about addiction. I hope our fans can relate to that. The band members and I love to party. We don’t hold anything back. What you see is what you get, you know? It is black and white. There is no gray area.

Q: What do you want fans to take away from this record?

A: That ‘Reckless’ didn’t happen overnight. I took my time and put everything I have into this album. The guys and I are on tour right now. Our band is great. We hope people come out and have a badass time. Enjoy the show. For us, being on stage and performing live is a high unlike anything else.

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