Bri Bagwell

Bri Bagwell grew up in New Mexico and started her first band with her brothers at the age of fourteen. She has spent the last decade making a name for herself in the Texas country music scene. While drawing inspiration from artists like Miranda Lambert and Wade Bowen, Bri enjoys writing songs relevant to her personal life. We chatted with her to see what fans can expect from this latest album.

Q: How did you come up with the title for the new record, “In My Defense”?

A: I didn’t want to name the entire album after a song. That puts too much pressure on one single. I was listening to the record one night and noticed I used the word “defense” in several tracks. That became kind of the theme. This is the woman that I am and the songs will hopefully explain why. I worked with producer, Rachel Loy, and this album took us two years to complete. We didn’t want to rush it. It was recorded at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville.

Q: In the “I Can’t Be Lonely” video, you played the part of a news anchor. Is that your favorite song on this album?

A: I wrote “I Can’t Be Lonely” while I was in the middle of a break up. I wanted to let to the world know that I was both hurt and ready to party. Stay out late, you know? If I wasn’t a musician, I would be in TV news. However, my favorite song on this album is called “Empty Chairs”. It sheds light on the struggle artists can face while on tour. The rollercoaster of show attendance, ticket counts and record sales. This song is emotional for me. It is a real and raw tune.

Q: Last year, you performed nearly two hundred live shows. Do you have a ritual before taking the stage?

A: The band members and I hold hands and say a prayer before each show. I believe in gratitude. I am so thankful that I get to stand on stage, sing my songs and make money at the same time. Not everyone gets paid to do what they love. I am superstitious. I keep a pair of red boots on stage with me during each show. A glass or two of wine helps ease my nerves as well.

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