Cameran Nelson

Who’s idea was it to do three EPs leading up to the full album? 

It was a combination of our band and John Mayer. He did something similar. The way things are right now with streaming and social media, I felt like if I put out the whole album at once, in three or four months, it would be a done deal. I thought it we spaced it out into three EPs, it would give the album more life. 

What can fans expect on Third Gear?

The first song is called “I Can’t Drink With You”. The vibe is sexy. It is similar to a song on my last record called “Whiskey No. 5”. The second song is “Not With Him”. It is about a man who realizes the woman of his dreams is slipping away. The third song takes a different direction. It is called “Smaller Things to Think About” and is about a loving father. Your baby’s feet on the hardwood floor over the workplace. The fourth song might just be the album title.

What is the potential album title?

We haven’t completely set it in stone, but we may use “Fast Enough.” It is the fourth song on “Third Gear.” It has a you can’t live, love or drive fast enough feeling to it. We are always wanting a little bit more. It is a crowd pleaser and a fun song. 

Where does the inspiration come from when you write a song?

I use my own life and thoughts, typically. I have a note pad that I keep with me. I never know when an idea will come to me. I know exactly where I was when I wrote “Home Wasn’t Built in a Day”. I was on an airplane and I was just thinking about being at home because I had been gone for awhile. At some point on that flight, I thought Rome wasn’t built in a day. That kind of stuck. It took forever to write that song, but circling back around to the notepad. 

How do you and the band prepare for the shows?

It is always a little different. It depends on where we are, what we are doing, who we are playing for. Some shows have more energy than others. We love what we do. I have done live music for 21 years. I got the bug at a young age and I haven’t stopped. 

How proud are you of this album?

I know I am not supposed to pick my favorite. It is kind of like choosing between your children but this one is the one I am most proud of. I have invested time, energy and money. It turned out exactly how I wanted it to be. I think we nailed it.

Is there anything else you want folks to know? 

Once the full album comes out we are adding a bonus track. It is called “Boy Gets a Truck.” It is not what you’re thinking. The song rocks.

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